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Post by R800x on Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:42 am

Pony Creation Guidelines

So. You've just arrived to this awesome site. You want to make a pony. A pony that is half pony and half ghoul, has access to zebra stealth technology, can blow up entire settlements using only their fists Hooves, and can fly without using wings or magic. Well guess what.

That's unacceptable.

And so, I (one the best admins ever!) have created this list of creation guidelines to help you, the member, create a good character and start roleplaying as soon as possible!

Now, first off, let's look at the character template that we provide:

Pony name here
Pony image link here
Facial Hair:
Cutie mark:
Preferred weapon(s):


So that's the template. Pretty simple, but here's some more detailed information on every field:

Nice and simple. All you have to do here is put in a suitable name for your character. Of course, it has to actually make sense. So, you're not going to name a pony "Sexy Stallion" or "Johnny the awesome flier guy". Why not, you ask? Well...come on, why the heck are you asking? Also, it is recommended that you make sure the pony name fits your OC's species, and is somewhat similar to many of the canon names found in both MLP and FoE. For example, many ponies are named with either a one word name or a two word name that usually has to do with what their special talent is. As for griffins, they usually have a larger variety of names, similar to the way that humans name eachother and many times starting with a G. Zebras also have a similar naming process to Griffins, though their name's are usually made to sound more...zebra-y...

Gender. Is it really that hard to figure out? Well, just in case you still need to get some info on it, here are the genders you may choose: Male, female, N/A. N/A would be put here if your "creature" doesn't have a gender. This can only be used if you give a good reason for being asexual or having no gender. A very good reason.


There are a few different species that your OC can be, depending on the situation. Originally, you can either play a Unicorn, Earth Pony, or Pegasus. However, keep in mind that Pegasi are quite rare in the Equestrian wasteland, and so it is suggested that you only make a Pegasus OC if you really really really really want to. Also, in order to uphold this rarity of Pegasi, the staff have decided that, except for rare and special exceptions, you may not have more than one Pegasus OC. As for Zebras, Griffins and ghouls: these three species can only be played if you have proven yourself to be an adequate roleplayer, and you must first ask a moderator or admin if you may make one of these. Also note that there may only be Pegasus, Earth Pony, Unicorn and/or Zebra ghouls. So no Griffin or Hellhound ghouls, please. Speaking of Hellhounds, you may not play them either unless you have proven yourself to be a very constructive and adept roleplayer, and only if you can prove to an admin or moderator that you'd be able to use a hellhound productively. Alicorns and Changelings are absolutely not permitted to be used by members. However, all administrators may own one Alicorn or Changeling OC.

Here's a little list compiling all of the information above:
Can always use: Earth pony, Unicorn, Pegasus (Only one allowed for normal members)
Can only use if given permission: Ghoul (Earth pony, Unicorn, Pegasus or Zebra), Zebra, Griffin, Hellhound
Only admins can use: Alicorn, Changeling
All other species that have not been mentioned above are always forbidden from use (If you think one deserves an exception, talk to Estrios).


This one is quite simple. You don't have to put an exact age in years, though if you want then you can. However, the acceptable default entries are simply "adult/mare/stallion", "young adult/teen", "child/filly/colt", and "elder/elderly mare/elderly stallion." If you are using a ghoul OC, then first put about what age they were when they became a ghoul (So if a pony was already a middle-aged adult and became a ghoul, you would put adult), and then in parenthesis put about how long they have been a ghoul in a general term (So if they have just recently become a ghoul, you can put "ghoul since a few years ago", or if your character is a rare pre-war ghoul, you can say "ghoul since before the great war").


Eyes: Quite simple, just put the color of your pony's eyes here. If their eyes have some special features (cybernetically implanted eyes, eyes glow brightly from radiation, etc.), then you may also list those here.
Body: Slightly more detailed than the other appearance fields. Here you may put your pony's physical stature, their coat color, the status of their coat/fur, and any identifying marks they may have (Scars, burn marks, markings, etc.).
Mane: Also simplistic (yay!). Just put the color(s) of your pony's mane here, along their mane's general appearance (Short and messy, long but kept in a bun, etc.).
Tail: Similar to the mane, put the same information here as is written above: tail color(s) and general appearance. Note that 97.63% of the time a pony's tail will be the same color(s) as their mane.
Cutie Mark: This can really be anything as long as it does not portray anything that is against the site rules. And make sure that it has something to do with your OC's special talent. Note: If your pony is a Pegasus that has been branded with the mark of a dashite, please state that in the cutie mark field.

Likes, Dislikes and Personality

Your character's likes and dislikes can really be anything you want them to be, whether they have a dark history connected to them or are simply completely random superstitions. As for your character's personality, this is also completely up to you: Your character may be a complete douchebag, or a bunny-loving coward, it is completely up to you. However, please try to make sure that your character's likes, dislikes and personality fit in with their history and lifestyle.

Preferred Weapon(s)
The wasteland is a dangerous place, and so almost every pony (and Zebra and Griffin and everyone else) living in this environment needs to know how to defend themselves if they want to survive more than a few days. And that's where preference comes in. When it comes to protection, everyone has their own preferred way to defend and attack, and that's what this field is for. Usually a certain type of gun would be the preferred weapon of choice (I.e. revolvers, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, energy weapons, etc.), though there are other options as to what can be used, such as magic, explosives, martial arts, etc. And if your pony is a pacifist (I.e. non-traveling merchant, Enclave citizen, pacifist ghoul, etc.) then you may simply put "N/A" here.

This is where you can put any unique talents that your OC has that other ponies may not have. These talents can many times be adapted from similar skills from the Fallout universe, though you can put anything you can think of here. However, it is suggested that you make sure that all of your talents have something to do with your character's special talent or history, and try not to list too many things here.


Your character's history is definitely one of the most important things in the whole character sheet, as it affects much of what your character is like in present time. Your history is completely unique to your character, and you may do anything you want with it. However, there are a few things that are required in your history. First off, your history must be at least a paragraph or so in length, though it is recommended that it be at least two paragraphs long. Note, though, that the longer your history the better, as you will be able to cover more information and therefore also have a better chance at being accepted with less modification. The content of the history also has a few requirements: The history that you type up must contain information on your character's family and early childhood, how your character obtained their cutie mark, and a brief (or not-so brief, if you want) description of your character's life up to the point at which they are now. As for the "present" section of the history field, all you really need to put there is a short paragraph on what your character's life currently consists of, such as their hobbies/jobs, current home, and their average day-to-day life.

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