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Example Pony Sheet: Littlepip Empty Example Pony Sheet: Littlepip

Post by Estrios on Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:26 am

Example Pony Sheet: Littlepip N3qhdu
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Age: Late teens
Eyes: Green
Body: Pretty average and athletic, kept quite clean for a wastelander, aside from the occasional scar. Grey coat color.
Mane: Kept short, brown color.
Tail: Somewhat long, same shade of brown as her mane.
Cutie mark: A PipBuck
Likes: DJ Pon-3, helping others, being with friends, Party-time Mint-als
Dislikes: Inability to help, leading, having plans go wrong, the deaths of friends or innocents, slavers, raiders
Preferred weapon(s): Revolvers, pistols, rifles, telekinesis
Talents: Lockpicking, hacking
Personality: Littlepip is usually quite a kind and pretty fun pony to be around, but is also driven by a constant desire to help others. She is very afraid of hurting any innocents (especially her friends), but at the same time can't stand the sight of raiders or slavers. Aside from that, Littlepip is a nice person to be in any conversation. Though a bit modest and quick to shy away from her title of heroine, she is a great person to have around in both combat and social situations.
Littlepip was once the PipBuck technician of Stable Two. However, one day, after finding the code to open the stable door, she left her home to save her model and crush. However, within a day of wandering out in the wasteland, she realized just how deadly the outside world could be. She went through slavery, betrayal, near-death experiences, and just about anything else you can imagine within the course of a week, and changed much during that time. Within two weeks of coming out of the stable, though, LittlePip made a new Pegasus friend named Calamity, and was able to save the pony whom she had gone after in the first place. However, her adventures didn't stop there. She kept traveling through the wastelands of Equestria, making new friends and bettering the post-apocalyptic world with each passing day.
Littlepip now still wanders the wastelands, constantly looking for new ways to help those in need and end slaving and raiding, while increasing her reputation as "The Stable Dweller" and meeting more and more allies.

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