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Post by Brawny Hooves on Wed May 15, 2013 3:41 pm

Brawny Hooves
Brawny Hooves EyGmdsw
Gender: Stallion
Species: Earth Pony
Age: Young Adult (25)
Eyes: Brown, with glasses
Body: Light green, a cut build
Mane: Long, unkempt, and light green
Tail: Long, unkempt, light green
Cutie mark: A shooting star
Likes: Psycho, blunt force, music, fighting, and cider
Dislikes: Raiders, mutants, Stables, Stable Jumpsuits, and Energy Weapons
Preferred weapon(s): Brawny's favorite weapons are a baseball bat, sledgehammer, and pretty much any blunt weapon. He's also a fan of blade weapons and small guns, like pistols, but he likes beating and stabbing things to death better.
Talents: Melee Weapons and Repair
Personality: Brawny Hooves is an overall friendly and open minded pony, but easy to anger. He's a real fighter, and loves looting. Some call him greedy, but he just likes making as many caps as possible. He could be using them towards new weapons, chems, favors, you don't need to know.
History: Brawny Hooves was born to two loving Earth Ponies in Stable 101. His father was a mechanic, and his mom just took care of him for the most part. He learned how to become very handy from his dad. Brawny absolutely hated the Stable. It was boring in there. And he hated the idea of being underground. He heard stories of what the surface was like. It sounded like fun. Deadly, but where's the fun in total safety?

When the Stable opened, Brawny bolted out. Most of the ponies stayed there, and Brawny could never return. Oh well, time to explore the Equestrian Wasteland. It looked like crap, just as the stories said. At least it was more interesting than the Stable.

While venturing the Wastes, Brawny experimented with several chems, met various ponies, killed several creatures, and made quite a few caps. Brawny never really had a set home. He traveled the wastelands day and night, living off of looting an odd jobs. You name a job, Brawny has most likely done it. And it is like that to this day...

-present: Brawny Hooves is a wanderer of the wasteland, doing various favors for the ponies he meets, mostly good favors due to his kind nature, and scavenges for supplies and caps. Brawny will most likely never live in one single place.
Brawny Hooves
Brawny Hooves

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Brawny Hooves Empty Re: Brawny Hooves

Post by Amber Flash on Wed May 15, 2013 3:52 pm

Looks good. The picture does not show up for me, but probably cause my computer is crap. This app is

*Drum roll*


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