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Post by Amber Flash on Tue May 14, 2013 10:57 pm

Amber Flash
Amber Flash Amberf10
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Age: Young Adult
Eyes: Emerald Green
Body: Amber in colour. Slightly stronger and larger than normal
Mane: Ruby red and short. Often hangs in front of her left eye.
Tail: Ruby red. Short and somewhat wild.
Cutie mark: A pair of crossed swords.
Likes: Pure spring water. Practicing fighting. Macaroni and cheese. Being in the company of a lovely mare or stallion.
Dislikes: Fighting other ponies, not being able to help her friends, corrupt merchants.
Preferred weapon(s): Any close combat weapon, although bladed weapons are her favourite. She can use guns, but prefers not to.
Talents: Fighting, persuasion.
Personality: Amber Flash is an adventurous pony, always willing to go over that next ridge to see what is over there. She loves to try new things and learn. She turns anything into a competition. Amber also loves to be in the company of ponies, and often times likes more intimate company.
History: Amber Flash was born in a small village in the middle of the wasteland. She never mentions the name of her town -to be honest she can hardly remember its name- but she can remember exactly where it is. Her town was very protective and rightfully afraid of what was in the wasteland. She trained to fight in order to protect herself and her family as a guard in the town. Eventually, Amber felt the need to leave her village. Her parents had passed away and she felt restricted by her overprotective village. So she eventually ran away, carrying only her clothes, her weapons, and a handful of caps. Amber met up with a band of raiders, and she joined them for a time, hoping that they would help her see sights. It was in her time with the raiders that she got in her first fight with another pony, resulting in her victory, but she could not stand killing another pony. Realizing that killing ponies was now her life, she tried to escape from the raiders, but failed. She was forced into servitude, but eventually the raiders picked a fight with a group they could not handle. Amber Flash was saved by this group and taken to the nearest settlement, where she was taken in and nursed back to health.

-present: Amber now currently wanders the wasteland. She will go from settlement to settlement, stay there for a bit, make some friends, solve problems, and move on. Amber is not above any problems, big or small. Everything from finding a lost pistol to helping clear out radroach infestations is all fair game for her, provided she gets the shelter and food she needs. Even if she does not get the shelter she needs, she can always return to her home in the settlement that took her in after the raider incident, New Ponyville. She will always come back to places she has been to visit her friends, but does not want to stay in one place for too long.

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Amber Flash

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Amber Flash Empty Re: Amber Flash

Post by Estrios on Tue May 14, 2013 11:41 pm

Approved! You may begin roleplaying whenever you would like.

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