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Post by Estrios on Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:43 am

I am not stupid. I understand that swearing is a natural part of most people's personality, and this roleplay being in the setting it is in, it's not like saying a few swears here and there will get you banned forever. Just make sure that your not swearing five times per sentence, and make sure that any sexual or violent comments stay at a minimum. Basically try to keep it PG-13 if possible.


Treat other members, and especially staff, with respect. There might be some people new to roleplaying out there, that doesn't mean you have to criticize and point out every single thing they might have done wrong in a post. And as for staff: their job is to moderate. They might take forever to approve a character, or might be a bit too detailed in moderating a thread, but that does not mean that you should treat them with any less respect than you would want to be treated. And in out of character discussions or chats: of course you can throw around some jokes and comments towards other members, but never deliberately try to insult them. Also, keep any comments about racism, age, sexual orientation, or any other of those things they teach you not to talk about in elementary school to a minimum, preferably don't make them at all.

Sexual roleplay
Currently, there is NO sexual roleplay allowed on these forums. There may be some talk on this subject later on, but for now, if I catch you trying to start or take part in a sexual roleplay thread, then be prepared to die in a fire soon (Not really. I'll just edit said post and warn you on the subject, but still.). You can say that it has happened, or that it is about to/will happen, but that's where it ends. Romance and "signs of affection" are fine, but any and all sexual activity is a no-no.

What's OOC stays OOC
This goes along with respect. Never let your personal opinions affect your roleplaying experience. You are not yourself when you roleplay, you are an inhabitant of the Equestrian wasteland. If you don't like someone out of character, that doesn't mean you have to try and ruin their experience on this site. And if you are in a situation where you must pick one character for anything, don't show favoritism, but pick who you think your character would pick.

The occasional troll is a nice relief to the admins, and can provide a bit of fun, but there is really no point in going too far. We already have R800x for that. Don't spam (Meaning overuse of emoticons, full capslock posts, etc.), don't make deliberately stupid or useless posts, and don't annoy anyone constantly.

Don't annoy the staff for any reason
If you have a suggestion or comment about the site, then you may place it in the "Comments and Suggestions" forum found in the "Out Of Character Discussion" section of the forum. Unless you are asked to do so beforehand, or if the matter is of significant importance, then do not pester any of the staff by writing five comments a day to them on a certain subject. And that also goes for asking for a spot on the staff team. Every time you ask to be a moderator or administrator, your chances of becoming one will decrease more and more. If I or another staff member feel that you are worthy of becoming part of the moderation or administration team, then we will ask you if you would like to be part of it and then accept you. It is completely our decision, and your comments don't help.

Don't god-play/godmod
This is a Fallout: Equestria roleplay. It is set in a place that is filled with mutated creatures, raiders, psychos, and a large, deadly environment. Your characters will get hurt. You can't be surrounded by 50 raiders and then come out of it without a single scratch. Also, do not act as if you can hurt another member's character in any way you want whenever you want: that can be decided by the other player. And lastly, do not play any other player's character. This includes leaving only one course of action available for that character, or forcing them to skip through a few actions to keep up with your roleplaying.

Only make one account
Unless your username is R800x, you shouldn't have more than one account. It's stupid, and we CAN find out if you have two or more accounts. Just don't do it, there's no point. If you want more characters, then you can simply ask for more or prove yourself worthy. And if you want to make more than one account so that you can roleplay with yourself, then please tell me so that I can get you tickets to the nearest party where you can make some friends.

Note: Before you create a character, it is also suggested that you read the character creation guidelines here.

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