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Post by Mooseolini on Thu Oct 31, 2013 5:19 am

Name: Pyro
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Age: 20
Eyes: Red
Body: Firey  orange coat
Mane: Fire (Literally)
Tail: Fire (again, literally)
Cutie Mark: Flame
Likes: Travelling
Dislikes: Gettng wet. (For obvious reasons)
Preferred Weapons: A small "hand" gun, but would only use it when unable to defend himself with his pyrokenesis, (Eg. Rainy Days)
Talents: Pyrokenisis, Cooking, Fire Resistant
History: Born in Detroit, Pyro was born without a mane or a tail, he was cruelly named "Orange rat". As he got older, however, he began to mysteriously and spontaneously combust without getting hurt or burnt. Eventually, Pyro developed a firey mane and tail, and developed Pyrokenesis, earning him his namesake, Pyro. When Pyro turned 18, he got curious of the wasteland and left his home on a two year journey.

Present: Two years have passed since he went traveling, now he has returned to see how much things changed in Detroit during his absence.

Personality: With his fire-bending powers, Pyro has a personality to match. Easily hot-headed (in more ways than one), and is considered to be the most temperamental among ponies.


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