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Post by Jenny! on Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:12 pm

Aurora Sayleene
Aurora BKTSk3x

Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Mane: Dark-lightish blue
Tail: Dark-lightish blue
Eyes: Light blue
Body: Light blue with a hint of teal
Cutie Mark: A magical aura
Age:(Baby,Adult) Young Adult
Personality: Happy, fun, outgoing, and dramatic. Aurora will cheer you up and completely forgets about herself when somepony else need anything. She loves studying magic and sitting under trees and reading. Give her a nice place, a new book, and a hay shake and she will be set. But, unlike younger Twilight Sparkle before she went to ponyville, Aurora has had no trouble making friends. She also loves her coltfriend.
Likes: Happiness, Her coltfriend, her mother, her dog, fashion, READING!!!, and singing.
Dislikes: Over Dramatic fashion, her father, sadness, parties that are too crazy, and dancing
History: Aurora was born in West Canterlot Hospital. A short while after, her father left her and her mother because of having a foal. One fall day, Aurora was practicing her magic and, instead of levetating a book like she had planned, she she levetated a huge boulder. Discovering her new talent, she exploded with joy. She eagerly looked back and saw, not a blank flank, but a Magical Aura for a cutie mark! Her talent must have been magic. Soon after she was curious enough to pack her saddle bags and go out into the world. After all, She wanted to see the world. So she took the next train, which was headed to Ponyville. She bought a house and met a few ponies. Soon after she realized that sh was no Canterlot pony, she belonged to Ponyville!
Example RP Segment: Aurora was walking down the dirt alleyways of Ponyville humming to herself. She came across a small filly hiding in a cardboard box. Aurora walked up to the filly and said: "Hey, You ok little filly?" The filly said: "I...I lost my daddy in the street, and now I can't find him!" Aurora helped the little filly up and said: "Come on, Let me help you find dad, Ok"? **Sniffle* * "Ok." Aurora and the filly, hoof in hoof  walked through the supermarket when the little filly started jumping up and down "There he is! There he is!" The filly ran to her dad and they both walked away. Feeling good, Aurora trotted home, too.


Thanks Blind Side for pointing out the flaws. :D


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