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Post by R800x on Sat May 25, 2013 12:40 am

Stormy Bristle
Stormy Bristle Ieharu10

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Age: 32

Eyes: Greenish Blue, glows a bright blue at night, making him able to see better.

Body: Buff, almost as strong as an earth pony.

Mane: Blue and yellow, shaggy. Resembles fire.

Facial Hair: Yellow Handlebar Mustache.

Tail: Blue and yellow, shaggy. Resembles fire.

Cutie mark: A Flamer crossed with a Flame Cannon.

Likes: Fire in general, Burning, Technology, Being alone, Vests, and Pranks. Likes Night time.

Dislikes: Bandits, Harmony, Mentally 'Sane' People.

Preferred weapon(s): Flamer, Incendiary Cannon, Grenades in general, Revolvers, and Missile Launchers(Napalm Explosives).

Talents: Has the ability to see at night. Can use magic to teleport ponies to certain distances (Earthern, Medium. Pegasus, Short. Unicorns, Long.), and spark flames to objects around enemies.

Personality: Battle Hardened. He has PTSD, and Turrets Syndrome. He's as nice as he can possibly be, which on a scale of 1-10, is a... Six. He has an addiction to flame, and anything on fire.


Born as a Raider pony, He has been surrounded in chaos and gore. His first words were 'burn!', and that's exactly what he did, and what he's been doing. His first 'job' was given to him when he was 14, and that was to clean the Radiation Dumps around the bandit camp... By setting fire to them. He was getting more and more irradiated that one night, coming back from his job, he had found that his eyes emitted a blue light... And started to get bullied by all the other bandits. On his 17th birthday, he just couldn't take it anymore. So for his birthday present, he lit the town hall on fire with his flamer (Stolen from a merchant that he had killed with his .44 Magnum). He had gotten his cutie mark that day, and the only person surviving the fire was his parents, which are still alive, protecting themselves in the remains of the town. After the birthday party, he had left in search of new shelter, not wanting to live with his parents for the time being.

-Present History: He has forgotten about his parents, pretty sure that they are dead. He has developed a hobby of scavenging and selling to the merchants, buying additional ammo and parts here and there. He still has the very same flamer that burned down the Town Hall of his Raider homeland... But he made it more... Badass. He also has a modified Kelvar vest, allowing him to feel the pain done to him while absorbing some of the physical damage. Get him mad, and he'll start going berserk, throwing incendiary grenades everywhere until he runs out.

Free to suggestions.

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Post by Estrios on Sat May 25, 2013 2:32 am

Dat 'stache. I think your OC's talents have been made a bit too specific, but your approved.

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