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Post by Estrios on Sat May 25, 2013 12:30 am

"Red" - WIP Pony image link here
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony
Age: Adult, around 30-40 in human years
Eyes: A pale red color, they're usually covered by the desperado hat that he always wears
Body: Red's body is in general quite fit and healthy. He has a small number of permanent scars scattered here and there, and usually has a few fresh cuts or wounds on his body. He is of average weight, and of average height, his coat a tan-ish color.
Mane: __________
Tail: ____________
Cutie mark: _____________
Likes: Good whiskey, solitude, gambling (on fairly infrequent occasions), ...and that's really it...
Dislikes: Being unarmed/ammo-less/helpless, ponies that are compelled to follow or talk to him, having a lack of freedom, betrayals, getting overly dirty, not wearing his hat and/or duster, "the radio pony's annoying voice," anyone else with an annoying voice, those that think they can make anything and/or everything better, cheap alcohol, Rage (chem), Buck (chem), Stampede (chem), Mint-als, any variation of Mint-als, Hydra (chem), Turbo, Cloudpack, chem addicts, androids and pony-like robots in general, uptight/pompous/"civilized" ponies, liers/ponies that hide or bend the truth, bright decorative colors, being haggled by merchants, shake-downs, the Enclave, Pegasi in general, being in one place for too long, energy weapons, ponies that try to harm and/or kill him without reason (more so than others), foals in general (with certain exceptions), beggars, blunt weapons, "T" shaped corridor/hallway intersections, anyone messing up his hat or duster, anyone touching his hat or duster, anyone touching him (with a small number of exceptions), talking/being asked about his past (in most cases)
Preferred weapon(s): Firearms of any kind: pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, etc. Also has the ability required to fight with a blade in dire situations, though firearms are the main tools of destruction used. He is always seen with his two main firearms: a very elegant revolver and a highly modified high-caliber sniper rifle.
Talents: Firearm management and maintenance, firearm use, firearm theory, firearm-based ammunition creation and maintenance, stealth, gambling
Personality: ______ is a very solitary pony, and is by extent not very social. He will almost never speak unless spoken to, and when he does say something without provocation it will always have a good reason behind it. He has a "code of honor" that he follows in a very strict manner, and can easily get very mad when ponies take advantage of it (I.e. when he spares someone and they return the favor by trying to stab him in the back, etc.). He has never been seen to express emotions, and as far as anyone knows he doesn't have a sense of humor. He is innately "good" though, in his own way. He will help those that deserve it and perform some amount of sacrifice for others, but he has little tolerance for ponies that don't live up to his "standards." However, he usually tends to leave these types of ponies alone unless they annoy him enough or try to harm someone that he does believe is worthy of living.
"Redwas born to a couple that lived on their own, outside of any large settlements. His mother, Red Cross ((so original)), was just another wastelander who worked in the distant town of New Appleloosa as a doctor and nurse for the other inhabitants, up until the day when she met Red's father, Stone, who in turn was a wanderer of the wastes, living off of what he could find near his current location and simply going from town to town without a real goal in mind.
The two ponies met in New Appleloosa and quickly fell in love. Not long after they had met, Red's mother decided to pack up her possessions and adapt to Stone's lifestyle, rather than force the stallion to settle down in New Appleloosa. She left her home town behind, and the two ponies began to wander the waste. Red would treat Stone when he was wounded, and Stone in turn showed Red how to handle weapons and how to either avoid or deal with the various dangers of the waste, something she had never had to do before.
The couple wandered throughout the wastes for a month or two until Red became pregnant with Red, at which point they were forced to settle down. Rather than stop at a major settlement, though, the two ponies simply set up their new and likely temporary home in an abandoned shack that they happened to come across. There they lived up until the day on which Red was born, left alone for the most part. Then, not long after they had settled into their new home, Red was born.
Red's birth went off without a hitch, and both of his parents were happy to have him join them as part of the family. However, not long after his first birthday, Stone left the two ponies without warning, leaving behind only some spare equipment and supplies.

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