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Post by bwutterfwy on Fri May 17, 2013 8:34 pm

Iridescent (Iris) 1
Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Age: 18 (adult)
Eyes: Bright green
[Body:Tall, slender, dark purple
Mane:Short, cropped, black with green highlights
Tail: Short, messy, black with green highlights
Cutie mark: Blue box swirling around Equestria
Likes:Writing, drawing, fighting, nice ponies
Dislikes:Idiots, annoying ponies, when she makes a mistake
Preferred weapon(s): Throwing knives/daggers, hand arrows, Sais, bow and arrows, and shurikens (smaller, sharp weapons) sometimes her own hooves
Talents: Flying quickly, running short distances swiftly, fighting close-up and far away, hand-to-hand combat, intelligence, no fear.
Personality: Hostile to ponies she doesn't know, but fiercely loyal to her friends. She will do whatever she has to to get what she wants. She does have a soft side though.
History: Iris was born near Stable 9, but she grew up away from civilization. Her dad died when she was 3, leaving her and her mom to fend for themselves. Luckily, her mother knew many skills and passed them on to Iris.
Iris's mom taught her to use the bow and arrows, but Iris learned for herself how to accurately throw knives sais. Her mother also taught her how to use a sword, but Iris never truly mastered it.
She can throw daggers with extreme precision, pinning a fly to a tree from 60 yards away.
Iris has a special cloak she wears at all times, for it conceals her knives, sais and shurikens. Each weapon has a specially designed trigger system that makes it incredibly easy to throw at a target, with nothing but a flick of the hoof.
She has hand arrows strapped to her wrist as well, with a trigger system that aids in the same way.
Iris's mother died when she was 11, leaving her alone in the wilderness. She survived by herself, utilizing her skills. She has come across many Raider camps. Normally, she simply avoids them, but sometimes she will attack and destroy the entire camp. She enjoys the deaths of ponies, though she will only kill if they are guilty of a crime, she will never harm an innocent pony.

-present: An unknown pony, no pony really knows about her except the Raiders, only they're dead. No companions.

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Post by R800x on Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:04 am

Your app has been UN-APPROVED! You are needing a picture of your pony. You are good otherwise.

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