Silver “Broken” Locket

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Silver “Broken” Locket  Empty Silver “Broken” Locket

Post by Sweet Dreams on Fri May 17, 2013 10:01 am

Silver “Broken” Locket
Silver “Broken” Locket  Myponyhiugi
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Age: Late Teens (17 -18)
Eyes: A dull Amber/orange
Body: A light greenish color, Light and skinny that most ponies don’t hear her walk up unless she says something. Is often confused as a stallion from a far
Mane: Short mess cut blue with light blue here and there
Tail: short slightly wavy same color as mane
Cutie mark: A Rusty lock with a silver key and bobby pin crossed over top standing for her talent of picking any lock weather it be metal or digital. But is mostly covered by the Stable Suit she wears.
Likes: Locks Caps Foals Vodka Mentats Stables PipBucks Radscorpions (Or better known as “Jeffrey”)
Dislikes: Slavers Slave Collars Raiders Stallions (More of a fear then a dislike) Fire ants Jet Mirelurks
Preferred weapon(s): Assault Rifles flamer Frag Grenades and mines and sometimes Mini Guns when found
Talents: Lock Picking Hacking Explosives
Personality: Locket doesn’t say much at all She often keeps to herself and often won’t look ponies in the eye unless angered where she completely does a 180 where she is loud slightly crazy to the point where ponies have even heard her singing as she guns down raiders. She does have a sweet heart especially around Foals.
History: Silver Locket was born in a small settlement to a pair of scavengers who were very happy but that happiness soon faded as two days after she was born a large group of Slavers who captured half the settlement and killed the other half her father one of the fallen. The Slavers drove the newly captured slaves towards their base but a few miles before arrival Lockets mother and a few other slaves were killed by a nearby nest of Fire ants. The slavers just picked her up and thrusted her into a nearby mare who happened to be a family friend and was raised by her from then on. A few years later Locket was caught trying to pick the lock on a fellow slave’s bomb collar. As punishment they held her down and were about to shatter her horn when gun shots flew through the air and kills some of the slavers and saving her. Her rescuer a Stable dweller from a Stable 31 to be exact had left and ran a crossed the slavers compound. From then on Locket followed “Dweller” for almost 5 years when one morning she woke up to find Dwellers Stable Suit and Pipbuck 3000 along with a note that said “These are yours now kid take them help ponies make me proud -Dweller

-present: Locket still wanders the waste to this day helping ponies picking locks and looking for Dweller when not taking out Raiders and Slavers.

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Silver “Broken” Locket  Empty Re: Silver “Broken” Locket

Post by Estrios on Fri May 17, 2013 11:17 am

Approved! You may begin roleplaying when ready.

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