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Post by Vastile on Wed May 15, 2013 10:46 pm

Vastile Vastile_the_vectored_pwn_e_by_vastile-d5vf46d
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Age: 19
Eyes: Always hidden behind glasses
Body: Grey
Mane: Long dirty blonde, with handsome Sideburns, and beard
Tail: Average
Cutie mark: Theater Masks
Likes: Illusion Magic, Acting, Music, Enjoying good company, Rain, Comedy. Dislikes: Rabbits, Hot-weather, Bullies, Angry ponies, New foals, Idiots, Seriousness, and Country Music.
Preferred weapon(s): Sniper Rifle (ButterCup), Combat ShotGun, Frag Gernades
Talents: Illusion Magic, Persuasion, Speech, Music, Theater, and Tactics
Personality: Fun Loving, Post Modernist, Trumpet Playing, Joke-Cracking, Suave Colt

Not much about Vastile's early years are known, the first cases of actual information on him started once he was found injured in the WasteLand. The report was that he had tried to attack a group of raiders, un-armed, in order to help a little Filly run away.

Vastile spent little time recovering and soon began to play at bars, taverns, inns, and other public locals, making extra caps and building up some form of fame. Vastile has been noted saying that, "I do it all for the love of Music and of my fellow Ponies, I try to bring a little bit of the old times, back into the now, and remind everpony, what we left behind." This motto adorns his self made posters, he carries.

Secretly, Vastile is also a bit of a righteous Gentlecolt, refusing to ignore an immoral act. He is great with his Sniper Rifle, which he calls "ButterCup". A Master of Illusion Magic, with the addition of his music, acting, voice, and cleverness, can make a good show or save a life.

Vastile travels the lands, building a following, and making people remember.

He can sometimes be seen wondering at dusk, singing somber songs, his etiquette and mannerisms being seen plainly by how he carries himself. His Trumpet is strapped to his back, a relic from his past, which no one seems to know much about... Some say it belonged to his mother.


Vastile has a room reserved at a few regular haunts he plays, he pays, even at a discount. He wonders about, but can be seen at these locals. Vastile currently is saving up caps for something, but whenever asked, he grips his Rifle and hums, "Build Me Up ButterCup", so many don't ask what for.

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Post by Estrios on Wed May 15, 2013 10:58 pm

Approved! You may begin roleplaying whenever you are ready to do so.

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