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Metal [WIP] Empty Metal [WIP]

Post by Digital Changeling on Wed May 15, 2013 9:04 am

Metal [WIP] DigitalChangelingCommander
Gender: Male
Species: Changeling
Age: Adult
Eyes: Greenish Blue. Turns red when suffering from love starvation.
Body: Light Blue is default for personal reasons. Can be changed freely any time. Body is covered in various hexagonal and circular markings, again for personal reasons.
Mane: Cyan. Scale-like
Tail: Light blue. Short
Cutie mark: N/A
Likes: Peace and quiet, good company, the sound of dying enemies, battle.
Dislikes: Long-term isolation, things he considers annoying, lies, love starvation, playing the leader role.
Preferred weapon(s): Pistols, snipers, hammers, knives, claws, and his fangs.
Talents: Shape-shifting, voice changing and minor physical changes, close quarters combat and hacking.
Personality: Metal prefers silence, but dislikes extended periods of it. Calm and silence lets him think clearly. A panicked atmosphere easily affects him, unless it's in the heat of battle. During a skirmish, Metal lets his body take control and let it flow on instinct. This easily gets him lost in the moment and might miss some small things here and there, like a cry for help.

Being a changeling, he has to have a constant supply of love. Although the tiny bit

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