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Thunder Gust (DJ P0N-3)
Thunder Gust 20z7hp3
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Age: Young Adult
Eyes: Bright cyan, but covered by his signature shades 99.9% of the time
Body: Quite average in comparison to most wastelanders, kept fit and healthy. Usually seen to be very clean, without a single large scar or bruise, uncharacteristic for an inhabitant of such a dangerous place. Gust's coat is a dark metallic blue color.
Mane: Medium length, kept quite clean. Black and cyan stripes make up the coloring.
Tail: Same as mane: Medium length, kept quite clean. Black and cyan stripes make up the coloring.
Cutie mark: A microphone with a disk behind it.
Likes: Ponies willing to do the right thing (helping in the "Good Fight"), sharing information and news, helping others, music (nearly all kinds), whiskey
Dislikes: Raiders/slavers/bandits, the current state of the wasteland, anyone messing with his present station or home/base, bad news, racism (especially against ghouls), talking about his parents and early childhood
Preferred weapon(s): Magic, remote explosives
Talents: Public speaking/speechcraft, DJing, Stealth, Explosives, Hacking, Basic Technical/Electrical Engineering
Personality: Gust is quite a social and lighthearted Unicorn. He is always ready to make new friends and will protect them with his life, but he can be quite ruthless should he encounter those going against the "Good Fight." He is almost never seen without his signature sunglasses on his face and a whiskey bottle nearby, and, though he is said to be stationed at the top floor of Tenpony Tower, he has many times been seen wandering the wasteland. On the radio he can be heard to have quite a charismatic and announcer-type voice, and seems enthusiastic about almost everything, though obviously never likes delivering bad news to the ponies of the wastelands.
Thunder Gust was born to a relatively nice couple: His father was a mercenary who helped out in guarding various trading caravans throughout the wasteland, and his mother was a merchant/shopkeeper residing in Megaton. The two met and soon after formed a business together and made money by working with a trading caravan. However, when Gust was still only a small child, the caravan was ambushed by a group of raiders. The raiders killed his mother and father, and the other members of the caravan also quickly found the same fate. The bandits allowed Gust to live, though: they simply toyed around with him a bit before leaving him to be finished off by the wasteland. Gust survived for a few days thanks to the limited amount of supplies that the raider group hadn't salvaged, but soon enough he found himself slowly dying: depressed, starving and alone.
However, another traveling pony came by his caravan's wreckage, and decided to take care of Gust. The traveling stallion took Gust with him on his treks, and gave him the opportunity to survive his near-death experience.
After about a week of journeying, the two Unicorns headed back to the older stallion's home in Tenpony Tower, at which point Thunder Gust discovered that the pony who had rescued him was in fact the great DJ P0N-3, a figure that Gust had respected and revered ever since he could remember (Which was not too long, but for a little colt such a figure was more awesome than both of the Princesses combined). So DJ P0N-3, known to most as Stone, took care of Gust as he grew up, and the two formed a very close relationship, considered by many as nearly father and son.
When Thunder Gust was reaching his later childhood, he decided to have some fun one day and broadcasted on DJ P0N-3's station himself. Stone found out, but, rather than getting worked up about it, he was somewhat impressed at how Gust had handled the broadcast, and not long after decided that the same colt that he had took in would inherit his work and title. Also because of this act, Gust gained his cutie mark that day, and discovered his special talent as a DJ.
After this faithful day, Stone taught the colt everything that he had learned from the past DJ P0N-3, and everything that he himself had learned throughout his travels. Gust grew and learned until he reached his late teenage years, at which point something happened that he had never really thought might take place. Waking up one day from a long nap, Thunder Gust had found a note right next to his bed, which read, "Thunder Gust. You've been a great student and a great friend, and I'm happy to have found you. You may not like what I'm about to do, heck I'm not even sure what I think about all this, but you'll understand why I am leaving someday. That's right, I'm leaving. It has nothing to do with you, but there is something that I must accomplish, something that I must do myself. And, as I am leaving, you will now be the new DJ P0N-3. You may think this is quite a sudden responsibility, but I'm sure you'll make me proud. And know that I will be listening to you from where I am now as well. -Stone, A.K.A. DJ P0N-3" Thunder Gust took some time to get over the fact that Stone had left after this, and then began his work as the newest DJ P0N-3 soon after.
In present times, Gust works much of his days off as DJ P0N-3, though many times he is known to be wandering the wasteland for whatever reasons he may have, staying in his home in Tenpony Tower whenever he is not. He tries to make sure that no one knows of the change in DJ P0N-3s, and keeps the fact that he is now actually the revered figure a secret too.
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