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Post by Estrios on Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:14 am

Roleplaying: The Proper Way


Types of Roleplay Threads
So, first off, you might want to know what are the most common types of roleplay threads on this site. Usually, threads will be made open to everyone. These are basically places where anyone and everyone is allowed to post as part of the storyline. However, it is suggested by the admins that the creators of these threads limit the amount of roleplayers to 4, possibly 5. The reason is that when there are too many people, it can sometimes get quite hectic or confusing, and overall a bit hard to keep track of. The second most common type of thread is private threads. Usually these threads will specify the people that are allowed to roleplay in them, and are many times continuations of old storylines. Unless the thread says that you are allowed to join in, then you should probably stay away and find a different one, unless you feel enough need to message the creator on the subject. There are also other types of roleplay threads, which you can learn about on your own, but public and private ones are the two most common types of threads.

Posting Order
The base of all the roleplays on these forums is the posting order. Basically what it does is help immensely in organizing roleplays on the forums and making sure no one gets skipped or overshadowed. It's really quite a simple thing to get a hang of, all it means is that all the players in a certain roleplay will always post in a certain order. If there are only two members in a roleplay, then it's a pretty simple order, all you have to do is alternate, like this:

Estrios posts
R800x posts
Estrios posts
R800x posts
Estrios posts

And so on so forth. However, if there are more than two people, you'd still have to maintain an order. In other words, you will always post after the same person, and the same person will always post after you, like this:

Estrios posts
R800x posts
Duskerno posts
Estrios posts
R800x posts
Duskerno posts

Nice and simple. And if you want to join a roleplay that already has two or more people, then it is suggested that you wait until the next posting order cycle starts. So, basically, you would wait until the last person to have joined the roleplay posts again before posting. For example, if you were to join the roleplay seen in the example above, then you would join right after Duskerno finished posting. Then I would go right after you and the order would resume.

Post Length
On this site, there really aren't too many rules on how long posts can or need to be, but there is a maximum and minimum that we encourage here. If you write too long whenever you post, you could end up overshadowing other players or cluttering the thread, and if you write only a few lines in every single thread you post in, then, well, not only would you be putting down your public appearance, but you'd also be giving yourself a great chance of being overshadowed or even ignored. In general, the minimum amount that you can post is about 2 or 3 paragraphs worth of words. Of course, if there is not too much happening in the roleplay, then you can post less than that, but try to at least keep it at a few lines up to a paragraph. As for the maximum, we suggest that posts be capped at 5 to 6 paragraphs, though if you are roleplaying more than one character for whatever reason, or if the situation demands it, then you can post more if you want, though we suggest that posts never exceed more than ten paragraphs in length in any situation.

Godmodding is a strict no. What godmodding basically is, is when a player either makes themselves perfect or otherwise immune to all negative forces, or when a member determines the actions that a different member must take. In these specific forums, it can also be see as making oneself invincible to the environment and dangers of the wastelands. This will never be allowed, except for a few very rare exceptions. Just don't do it.

What's OOC Stays OOC
So maybe you're roleplaying with a member that you have found annoying in the past, or maybe you're roleplaying with an 8 year old that just happens to seem supernaturally smart. Well, that doesn't matter. No matter what you think of any of the members you might end up roleplaying with, that should never show in-character. If you don't like someone, that doesn't mean your character has to automatically be unusually mean to their characters, or if you're roleplaying with a best friend or someone similar, it doesn't mean that you can show favoritism and completely ignore all of the other members in the roleplay.

Agreement: A term I use, which I'm not even sure if it is an actual word or not, which basically means being able to agree and go along with the actions, ideas, and paths of other players in order to create a constantly "flowing" roleplay. Usually this is not a problem, but, when in a roleplay, just make sure that you go along with whatever anyone else does rather than trying to control the scene yourself. Of course, in some specialized roleplays it is permissible to have the creator or another member be a "leader" of sorts in order to control the majority of what happens to them and their fellow members, but in most roleplays we would like for members to try and go along with eachothers' actions as much as possible. Or, at least, to clearly state out of character that you object (OBJECTION!) to the actions of said member.

Joining A Roleplay Thread

How To Join
Usually, threads on this forum will be open to anyone, and therefore you can simply join them without warning or permission, as long as you join at the end of the current posting order (as read above). However, note that if threads contain anywhere above four members, then there is a chance that the roleplay can become confusing, frozen, or that some members might be overshadowed or unintentionally 'shunned.' Also, before you join a thread, it is very highly recommended that you read at least a few of the posts that have been written before you came along said thread. This will allow you to get a feel for what's happening in the roleplay, will inform you of what has happened and what direction the roleplay is going, and will also allow you to better see the writing styles of the other members participating: the language and maturity they use, how they organize their posts, their writing ability and preferences, etc.

Setting and Plot
As mentioned above, it is very much recommended that you read a few posts before you join a thread in order to get a feel for the roleplay and to understand a little bit about the other member's personalities/writing habits/proficiencies. Though there are a handful of reasons for this 'pre-reading,' the main one is to understand the plot and current environment of the roleplay. The enviornment is usually easily distinguishable by seeing in which forum the thread has been posted in, but you can still learn more details about the setting by reading earlier posts in order to increase your ability to make productive and logical posts that fit the roleplay.

Maintaing posting order

This has been mentioned above, but now it will be talked about in slightly greater detail. As read above, the posting order is quite important, and so, joining at the right time can help keep the posting order stable, which is why it is recommended. So, basically, if you want to join a roleplay, it is suggested that you join at the end of the posting order. For example, if there's been a posting pattern/cycle of members 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 and so on, the logical thing to do would be to post right after member 3 posts again. Of course, if member 3, or whatever member is last in the posting order, has not posted in a while, then it is ok to post earlier. Similar situations also apply.

Timing. Half of timing is really just maintaining the posting order as stated above. However, sometimes there may be ongoing situations in a roleplay that should happen first before you join in, or there is simply a better time to come in besides where the roleplay is at now. For example, if two OCs are having an intimate or emotional conversation, it might be better to allow them to finish first before coming in to join them. Or, as another example, if some OCs are being attacked by a group of raiders or mutated creatures, it might sometimes be better to wait out said fight in order to come in at a more appropriate time for what you may have in mind.

Not really too important in terms of joining a roleplay, though a convenient thing to do nevertheless. This is just something you would add to your first post in a roleplay in order to present yourself to the other roleplayers involved there. For example, many times if your not sure if you're allowed to join in or not, you might just want to verify if you are able to in your greeting. Or, if you want, you can simply introduce yourself to your new peers in roleplaying. Sometimes putting in the OC you will be using can also help the other members participating.

Creating A Roleplay Thread

Your roleplay thread's title doesn't really matter too much. Just make sure that it at least vaguely describes what's happening or going to happen (I.e. Thunder Gust arrives at Megaton, Red Flame explores the Lincolt Memorial, etc.). Or, if you want to be really fancy, you can instead put something cool and poetic such as "The First Step Towards A Subsequent Adventure," or "Thou Shalt Not Drink Thy Radiation," and so on so forth. Also, another suggestion is that, when you create a thread and form its title, to say who is allowed to join, or how many people can participate (I.e. Open for all!, Cyan Heart and Fire Seeker, solo, etc.). Once again, the title really doesn't matter too much, just as long as it conveys some information on the thread that it names.

The description is the words you put in that little box below the title box when you create a thread. In it there are a few things that you are suggested to put. The first thing that is a good addition to the description of your topic is a description of the story that is currently happening or going to happen in said thread. Of course, if you have already described your topic in your title as mentioned above, then whether you still do this or not is completely up to you. The second recommendation for the description is to put in who can and can't join the thread, as described in the section above ("Title"). Although you can put who can join in the title of the thread, it is suggested that you instead put this information in the description, as that simply makes it look slightly better. Once again, like the title, what you put in the description doesn't matter too much, but it's always nice if you put something useful or at least nice-sounding there.

First Post
The first post. This post can many times completely set the setting and storyline to happen in the upcoming roleplay. That is why, when you make a new roleplay thread, you should always try to make the first post count. Make it as detailed as you can and try to add in a scene that can allow new members to quite easily join in fluidly. Also, in the first post, if you'd like to be fancy about it, it might be a good idea to put in a bit of organizational information for others to see. Mostly this would include the posting order, what has currently happened, and some more detailed information on who has, can, and can't join, maybe even putting in a clear limit on the number of roleplayers could help with this. However, this type of information is not required, it's simply an option if you think it might help you keep a grip on your roleplay.

Maintaining Peace
As the creator of your roleplay, you basically automatically appoint yourself as a mini-moderator of said thread. That is to say, it will more likely fall into your hands (hooves) to solve problems and maintain peace rather than anyone else's. If someone is breaking any of the general site rules, you might want to warn them about it before bad things happen. If people start breaking the posting order and everything goes into chaos, then it might be a good idea to just say, "Everyone shut up and hold on! Here's how it's all gonna go down!" And many times, if you are the creator of the thread, it will fall onto you to keep the storyline moving in the appropriate direction, so guide your fellow roleplayers the right way in this case.

*Brohoof if you actually read all of this*
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Roleplaying: The Proper Way Empty Re: Roleplaying: The Proper Way

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Hello, this is a mod speaking. Please respect all site rules, post often, and kill the raiders!


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