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Example NPC Sheet: Calamity Empty Example NPC Sheet: Calamity

Post by Estrios on Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:38 am

Example NPC Sheet: Calamity 117y7vc
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Appearance: Calamity has a mostly average height and weight, and is quite well fit from years of combat and an early Enclave military training period. He has a rust-colored coat and an orange mane, complete with brown eyes. His cutie mark has been burnt off and replaced by the mark of a dashite, and he is also never seen without his black desperado hat and custom-made battle saddle.
Preferred weapon(s): A custom made twin-rifle battle saddle
Talents: Scavenging, looting, sharpshooting, flight maneuvers
Personality: Calamity is, above all, loyal. He is kind and helpful to all those who deserve it, and will protect anyone in danger until he reaches his last breath. However, he won't even give a second thought on killing every single raider, slaver, or any other enemy to the general public that he sees.
Calamity was the son of a respected drill master of the Enclave, and the sibling of three older brothers. He was raised in a military environment, following his father's footsteps and becoming an officer of the Grand Enclave just like all of his brothers. He stayed with the military force for many years, before finally deciding to go against his government's teachings and go down to the surface of Equestria in order to help the ponies there protect themselves from the wasteland's many dangers. He's been there ever since, serving as a loyal bodyguard to caravans and traveling ponies.
Calamity has recently joined up with Littlepip of Stable Two, and follows her around the wasteland, helping her out of many tough situations and providing support and survival knowledge to the newly emerged stable inhabitant.

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